My name is John Jordan. I am seeking the nomination as the next candidate for the PC Party of Ontario for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. I am seeking the nomination for this riding because I believe strongly in public service. I also believe that due to recent developments in our riding the people deserve to have respectful, strong and collaborative representation at Queen’s Park. The unprecedented challenges we face as a result of the COVID pandemic make this essential. 


I have had the privilege of being a lifetime resident of this community and my work for the last two decades as the Executive Director of the Lanark Healthcare Centre has given me the opportunity to serve the people of this riding. In this capacity I have successfully partnered with representatives of several levels of government to increase access to primary heath care including mental health and addiction supports.


My wife and I have raised three children and we know the struggles and challenges that need to be addressed for families in LFK. It would be a great honour for me to serve the people of Lanark Frontenac Kingston. I would do this with the same dedication and passion as my father Leo Jordan did when he represented the riding of Lanark-Renfrew as MPP from 1990-1999.  


As a lifetime resident of rural eastern Ontario, I am very aware of the importance of improved broadband internet, improved conditions in Long Term Care and the difficulties faced by small businesses as they try to recover from the pandemic. The ost pandemic issues will require a focus on people and businesses that have been hardest hit including women, seniors and young Canadians looking to join the workforce. ese are not small nor insignificant issues. These issues will require great and tireless efforts and dedication from our representative at Queen’s Park.


As a professional working in the healthcare system during these trying times I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by the people of LFK.  I would like to thank you for any efforts and personal sacrifices you may have made to keep yourself, your family, friends and co-workers safe throughout the pandemic. This has been an incredibly challenging year. We have all witnessed the resilience and determination of our front-line workers (from retail clerks, cleaners and health care providers) and their tireless efforts to help keep our community safe.


I warmly welcome your participation in the nomination process and invite you to purchase a membership through the PC Party at the following link. https://lfk.ontariopc.ca/  Should you have any questions feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.



John Jordan

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Candidate PC Party of Ontario